What we do?

Inspiracion Media is a bunch of people high on creativity and beloved of the muses who shower their inspiration to us. We make games, we make cartoons, We Create! Period.


We make super fun educational cartoons or animated videos for kiddies.


We make awesome games that indulge in your child's need for fantasy in a fun and healthy way. .


With the Aklavya Adventure Series we make learning fun..

What is Aklavya

Aklavya Adventure Series is a series of educational games and interactive educational animated set in the same story world. The goal of the franchise is make children learn in the most entertaining manner while at the same time making them conscious of their rich heritage and ensuring strength of character.


We help your kids learn in a fun way without imposing instruction on them


Aklavya helps parents instill solid moral values in their children.


Playing Aklavya is a healthy and wholesome fun experience for kids.


Kids love stories. All the learning materials presented by Inspiracion Media use stories to make children feel delighted


Aklavya delivers learning materials according to the child’s ability and aptitude.


Aklavya uses the chil’d need for fantasy to the benefit of the child.

About Us

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Meet our dedicated Team

Beloved of the muses, inspired story-tellers, coding artists, bringing visions to life. All with the aim of handing over our little circle of knowledge to the next generation- Behold Team InspiracionMedia!!!


Vivek Chakraverty


I write, I dream, I create. I am fascinated with what is not as it does not mean it is not there. Merely it does not appear to be there. Poems, writing, stories in short imagination is my forte combined with the blessed gift of expression.



Game Programmer

Game development has always been my one and only point of interest since I played old classics like Mario back in the day. I've been making games for the last 3 years now and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. Seeing myself as a game developer is a feeling that I can't express in words. My journey is just started and there's a long way ahead. My favourite games include Max payne. The storytelling of that game was one of a kind that's why I fell completely in love with it the moment I played it.


Abhishek KADIAN

Game Programmer

Playing games and reading fictions have always been one of the only quirks of being me. So when I came to know a whole way to do that and also support myself, i knew from that very moment, what i'll be doing the rest of my life and I've been doing exactly that since the last 3+ years of my otherwise boring life. So, here I am, developing games and telling my fictions to other me's out there.
My favorite game, MAX PAYNE is truly an awestrucking experience for me. It is not one of those other games, that u enjoy playing a lot but there's not much to experience. It's storytelling is just pure magic and to create something even close to that, will be a DREAM come true.


If you have any question regarding our company and services, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form. You can also contact us via our dedicated info line and email address. Let's talk!


Flat C/3, Khushi Apartments,

GF-8, Rabindrapally, Baguiati,

Kolkata, 700059

West Bengal, India





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